Alexis Interactive VGMB

What is Vertical Group Media Buying (VGMB)?

We believe organic search marketing and online social sharing are the most powerful ways to deliver your message to your consumers. This “word-of-mouth” strategy resonates with audiences because it’s coming from a trusted source. However, with the impressive intuitiveness of advertising platforms, the paid route is still valuable for your marketing investment. Even with today’s low barrier to entry promotions, you still spend substantially more for premium placements.

Our professionals have been buying media and developing creative ads for years. It’s our business. And we love it. We also love delivering the power of advertising to your bottom line. Media fees can become inefficient for SMB budgets, so we developed VGMB.


How does Alexis Interactive deliver VGMB results?

  • We help you develop a budget for paid advertising on any medium, including Internet, television, radio, outdoor or print.

  • We determine your most likely buyers and then select the appropriate channels to leverage your advertisements within your budget.

  • Our creative teams develop ads that incorporate each business into the messaging so each partner receives equal share of voice.

  • We select other relative, non-competitive businesses in your market and bring them into the collaborative mix. Now your budget is stronger and you own the same valuable media space that larger companies have dominated.

  • We implement the campaign and track the results!

Our mission is simple: Introduce the true power of paid advertising to your marketing mix and deliver your message more consistently on the most valuable channels without exceeding your budget.

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