Alexis Interactive

Embry-Riddle Worldwide Newsletter


Challenge: Connect the University’s worldwide network of faculty, staff, and students to increase awareness, affinity and involvement with the Embry-Riddle brand in a way that can be managed and measured for effectiveness.

Solution: We worked with the University’s technology and marketing teams to learn what current and past projects had been developed and launched to connect their mission with their worldwide audience. We also sought information on previous measurement initiatives to review the effectiveness of those projects. Alexis Interactive designed, wrote and distributed a three-pronged digital newsletter that was centrally managed, measured and tracked.

Results: The results were unanimous across all three sub-groups as readership and engagement increased every quarter. Our smart design elements and content also served as the foundation for quarterly town hall meetings conducted by the Chief Academic Officer. The production, delivery and tracking system allows the client to engage with nearly 36,000 students and faculty around the globe, and gives us the ability to track effectiveness from an affinity and monetary viewpoint.

Results: The University went from zero enrolled applicants to a full cohort of qualified, enrolled students that launched right on schedule – and with enough additional qualified applicants in queue for the next cohort. With an estimated 1,300 professionals meeting the degree admission requirements in our target market, we acquired 1.3% of the market for the inaugural program within the six-month campaign, ultimately exceeding our client’s enrollment goals.

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