Alexis Interactive

Center for Aviation and Aeronautics Leadership (CAAL)


Challenge: 1) Deliver the information developed by CAAL’s leadership to a larger audience, with particular focus on young leaders entering and moving through aviation and aerospace industries. 2) Find a way to foster dialogue and engagement between the center’s leadership and industry professionals, and students around the world.

Solution: We determined a strategy to promote both missions simultaneously. First, grow the audience and awareness of CAAL. Second, grow the university’s online presence and engagement through digital marketing. We established a proprietary blog and promoted the mission and content through online public relations initiatives to gain industry acceptance and recognition.

Results: The CAAL Blog and Embry-Riddle’s digital marketing presence grew together at impressive rates. Engagement increased across all social media platforms, and industry publications recognized CAAL’s mission and online initiatives in their own proprietary publications and websites. Within 14 months, our statistics revealed the blog averaged 4,301 monthly visitors and 7,480 page views. It experienced a spam rate of less than 3%. The blog and CAAL have been recognized by industry-leadings publications like Aviation Week and Aviation International News.

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